Werewolf Halloween Mask and Hands

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Beware the sight of the full moon in the forest. Afflicted by an ancient curse, the Werewolf hunts the woods, driven by a never-ending thirst for fresh meat. Nothing but a silver bullet or spear will stop this menacing beast. Fast, nimble, and almost undetectable at night, only a rush of cold air and a faint musty odor predict his impending strike. Those unlucky enough to be stalked by this crazed canine, often encounter a quick, but gory, death. The Bad Moon Werewolf Halloween costume features an incredibly lifelike over the head mask. Long fur covers your entire chest, for a seamless look when worn with a button-up flannel or v-neck shirt. Hand painted and haired by experts at The Horror Dome, this mask and gloves set is a Hollywood-quality costume. Whether you're a collector of macabre merchandise, running a haunted house, or attending a raging Halloween party, you'll appreciate the fine craftsmanship that goes into every detail on these premium costumes.

Werewolf Halloween Mask and Hands Features:

  • Hand painted and haired for realistic look
  • Includes movie quality werewolf hands
  • Designed and created in the USA by the Horror Dome

The Werewolf is a halloween mask and costume combo package offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.