"Ape Frenzy" Halloween Animatronic

"Ape Frenzy" Halloween Animatronic

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Disemboweled without anesthesia by twisted scientists, this mutilated monkey writhes in agony as he tries to escape his chains. What kind of deranged monster would commit this brutal act of animal cruelty, and for what end? Was he trying to study the effects of severe pain on a primate? Perhaps this unlucky ape's gall bladder or pancreas was removed for transplant into a human? We can't help but wonder as we watch this poor fellow succumb to his intestinal distress. The Ape Frenzy Halloween animatronic is an attention-getting piece that will take any mad scientist's lab or torture chamber scene to the next level. Controlled by a switch or sensor, you can ensure this amazing prop comes to life at the right time for maximum effect. A Horror Dome original, this alarming animatronic will leave your guests shaking and suffering nightmares for weeks to come. They won't know if they want to run, or put this beast out of his misery.