Alien Parasite Halloween Animatronic
Alien Parasite Halloween Animatronic
Alien Parasite Halloween Animatronic

Alien Parasite Halloween Animatronic

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Our production schedule is fully booked on this piece. Any orders placed will not ship until AFTER Halloween 2023.

This product is a made to order piece that takes 6-8 weeks to produce. *During peak season (August-October) please allow for delays.

Alien Parasite is a scary and high-impact animatronic! A captured alien parasite moves and shakes inside its high-tech containment unit, and appears to be safe behind solid plexiglass and metal. Suddenly you hear an alert! "Systems Failing, all personnel evacuate immediately." Emergency lights go off as the unit shrouds in fog. You gaze into the fog and just when you begin to breathe a sigh of relief that the alien is still contained...IT BREAKS FREE, jumping forward at you, creating a tremendous scare!

Alien Parasite is a high-impact animatronic prop that gives tribute to Classic Sci-Fi Horror. This animatronic combines an incredibly detailed alien sculpt, and a high-tech containment unit, creating a sophisticated and fun scare. In its ambient mode, the alien parasite moves back and forth in its cage and the unit has detailed lights and audio. Then when the button is pushed the scare program begins that sends fog in front of the plexiglass obscuring the alien parasite. Then without your guests knowing the plexiglass drops down and the alien "breaks" free, shooting forward, creating an amazing scare. The idea is that the people feel safe from the monster behind the plexiglass and don't expect it to jump out. When the parasite does escape, flying at them rapidly, it creates an incredible scare. To add to the scare and the effect we have included a spitter that can spray water or air when the creature breaks free! This Alien Parasite scare animatronic involves all the senses!

Dimensions - 90" tall x 40" wide x 48" deep

Comes with - an animatronic alien parasite prop, containment unit, program, lights, audio, fog, spitter

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