"Alien Incubator" Sci-Fi Prop

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Off limits to press, tourists, and even other scientists, this underground laboratory is a well kept secret. You've been granted access to fix a backed-up toilet. The job pays 100 times what you're used to getting for such work, but you're told that speaking about what you see down here will cost you your life. As you are led to the broken bathroom you walk past ghastly sights of unethical experiments run amok. Mutated children who have had their DNA altered, maps showing the distribution points of a killer bio-engineered super-flu, and an alien fetus, kept alive by a high-tech incubator.

The Flesh Alien Incubator Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a movie-quality prop that is perfect for any mad scientist, top secret government lab, or alien spaceship scene. Measuring a square foot at its base and standing 20"" tall, this prop features a small alien stuffed into a clear cylindrical chamber. Electric powered, it bubbles and lights up. It's an incredible set piece for a professional haunted house, and will make a great addition to your collection of macabre or sci-fi merchandise, or be a popular conversation-starting centerpiece at your next costume party.

Resin base and rubber top included. 12" x 12" x 20" Tall.