Movie Quality Alien Xenomorph Halloween Decoration

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In space, no one can hear you scream. However, in the hall of extraterrestrial horrors, you can hear shrieks, gasps, howls and yelps. A bioweapon from a far off planet, this parasite enters the body in the form of powdery spores, grows into a murderous monster, and then bursts out of his host, subjecting his victim to an agonizing death. The perfect killing machine, The Alien will induce nightmares in all those who cross his path. This Movie-Quality Alien Xenomorph Halloween decoration is a must-have for your collection of premium sci-fi props or macabre merchandise. A full size beast, this relentless hunter stands over eight feet tall and is made from acrylic, steel, resin, and other choice materials. Hand painted by The Horror Dome, you'll be impressed at the intricate details on this otherworldly brute. The Alien statue makes a great conversation starter while you entertain guests at your basement barroom or home theatre.