"Alien Death" Sci-Fi Prop

"Alien Death" Sci-Fi Prop

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While doing reconnaissance for the coming invasion, this Grey Alien had a little engine trouble. His craft crash landed on a sprawling ranch outside of town, and he was quickly snatched up by doctors from a nearby military base. Rigor mortis has set in, and this otherworldly beast is frozen in an anguished pose. Will he be preserved and displayed in a museum for years to come, or sliced up on the autopsy table in the name of science?

The Alien Death Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a lifelike, dead extraterrestrial prop that will complete a close encounters scene in your haunted house, freak out the local trick or treaters, or lend big-budget looks to your indie sci-fi flick. This frightening figure is a classic Grey Alien-style design with a large, bulbous head, big eyes covered by leathery eyelids, a minimal nose, and a scrawny, thin body. Hand detailed for bone-chilling realism, this durable design is made from premium latex skin, filled with high-quality foam.

Hide this creature in a shallow grave near your campsite and ""discover"" him with the kids. They'll never forget digging up this Martian monster.

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