Super Jumbo Afro Wig - Black

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Hey turkey, which way to the disco? Looking to create a unique throwback character this Halloween? The Super Jumbo Afro from The Horror Dome is the biggest afro wig available. Popular with both kids and adults, this voluminous hairstyle was at it's peak popularity in the 1970s. Perfect for crafting a retro-disco look, wear this wig with a Hukapoo-style large collared shirt and a gold pendant. Wear them with a tight-fitting turtleneck and bellbottoms for a combination that screams ""Woodstock Hippy."" Drive around town in a VW van for added effect.

Designed by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, the Super Jumbo Afro wig is an adaptable costume accessory that can play many rolls. Tie a bandana around this wig and equip yourself with a white Stratocaster for an instantly recognizable Jimi Hendrix costume. Add a new character to your haunted house, or create a silly look for greeting the neighborhood trick or treaters on your front porch.

Made from high-quality materials for a natural look, this wig features a mound of tightly curled black hair. Bring home an inspiring costume accessory and get your creative juices flowing.