Monk Deluxe Robe Halloween Costume - Adult

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Deep in the forest on a moonless night, monks from an ancient order circle around the bonfire to sacrifice a victim to their dark lord. Snatched from your campsite, you struggle to break free. Blindfolded, all you can hear is a series of chants in some wicked tongue, and the crackle of the fire. As you are throw forward into the flaming pit, you suddenly awake, still safely in your tent. Just a nightmare caused by a tough day on the trail?

Practice your own sacred rituals with the Deluxe Monk Robe Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This long, full-body brown robe fits most adults sizes 42-46. A laced-front robe, complete with hood and belt, this classic design is perfect for everything from trick or treating, to LARPing or wearing at the Ren Faire. Play a character from the Middle Ages, a rogue, evil priest who has fallen under the spell of the occult, or take a vow of silence and let your friends and family fill in the blanks. Add a new character to your creepy haunted house attraction, or hit the dance floor at the masquerade ball.

Brown lace-front robe with attached hood and matching belt. Adult one size fits sizes 42-46.