Hanging Skeleton 12' Decoration

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You step down a dark hallway and the strong smell of mold, death and decay hits your nostrils like a putrid punch. It's clear that something wicked protects the treasure that's rumored to be hidden in this decrepit mansion. You enter an underground chamber with high, cobweb-covered ceilings. Suddenly, a giant skeleton demon comes swooping down from the rafters. You're flight instinct kicks in and you find yourself running for the exit.

Set a creepy scene at your costume party, masquerade ball, or professional haunted house attraction with the Hanging Skeleton Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. This massive 12' tall hanging prop is truly a sight to behold. It features a large skeleton face with a menacing grin and boney hands protruding from a tattered long black robe. Easy to set up, this hanging decoration is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Hide it around a dark corner and use motion activated strobe and sound effects to create an unexpected fright for your patrons, or hang it on your front porch as a warning to the neighborhood tricksters. This freaky fiend is a truly versatile prop.