Why Adults Love Halloween

Adult Halloween Party Costumes
Once entirely for kids, Halloween is becoming more and more popular with adults. Many retailers, including The Horror Dome, are seeing spending on adult costumes outpace spending on children’s costumes. In addition to Halloween costumes, sales of decorations, props, and sweet, sweet, delicious candy continue to grow amongst adults. There are many reasons why grown-ups love this spooky holiday. Here are a few:

A Chance to Act Like a Kid

If you celebrated Halloween as a kid, chances are you have at least a few (if not many) memories of amazing costumes, nights pigging out on fun-sized candy, and overall good times with friends and family. As younger generations continue to blur the line between adolescence and adulthood, society is starting to drop the stigma attached to enjoying completely silly activities as a grown-up. It’s not just twentysomethings trying to hang on to their childhood, though; many parents are now choosing to dress up with the kids. It’s a great way to bond and take some adorable pics for social media.

Low Stress Holiday

Celebrating Halloween is also comparatively easy. With no gift to buy, relatives to visit, or giant feast to orchestrate, you have plenty of funds to splurge on a professionally detailed, Hollywood-quality costume. The sole purpose of the night is to have fun. So relax, put on that deranged clown costume, and get ready to freak out any trick or treater foolish enough to knock on your door.

Be Someone Else for a Night

The role-playing aspect of Halloween is one of the reasons this creepy holiday is popular with kids and adults alike. Who doesn’t want to shed their identity for a night and try out a totally new persona? From wearing revealing clothing that might be quite scandalous on another night of the year, to shedding your Good Samaritan nature and playing the villain for once, role playing can be extremely liberating.

An Excuse to Party

Halloween is a great excuse to throw a party. Costumes make incredible conversation starters and get total strangers mingling like old pals in minutes. From a sexy masquerade ball full of vampires and vampiresses, to an evening on the dancefloor with raucous werewolves and boisterous zombies, there’s nothing like the intrigue, romance, and fun of mixing concealed identities and free-flowing libations with a collection of friends and neighbors.

We Enjoy Being Scared

Being frightened triggers our brains to release adrenaline. This rush, coupled with an understanding that we’re not in any actual danger, can be quite thrilling. As more and more bone-chillingly scary haunted house attractions open up across the country, many adults are mere minutes away from a professional-quality fright that will trigger the same hormonal response as bungee jumping, skydiving, or big-wave surfing.
Whether you’re trick or treating with the kiddies, attending an adults-only party, or just hitting the local pub with your friends on Halloween night, the right costume is key. Looking for some great ideas? Browse this selection of hand-detailed Horror Dome signature costumes, and find a creepy character that will make this year unforgettable.

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