The Saw Franchise's Latest Installment: Spiral

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Horror fans everywhere were excited about the newest installment of the Saw franchise. It was meant to be a look into the early "career" of John Kramer, the infamous Jigsaw. That wasn't what was delivered, though. "Spiral" could have been a fantastic film. It could potentially be one of the Saw franchise's most-loved movies. Unfortunately, for most Saw fans, that wasn't what they got.

Spiral's Synopsis and What Made it So Bad.

Detective Marv Bozwick, who is off duty, follows a burglar into a sewage drain pipe during a Fourth of July parade. Bozwick is attacked from behind by a man wearing a pig mask, and when he wakes up, he is hanging by his tongue in a busy subway tunnel. He can cut off his tongue and live or wait until the next train arrives and dies. Bozwick gets murdered by the train after failing to escape the trap. The following day, William Schenk, an optimistic rookie, is given as Detective Zeke Banks' new partner by police Captain Angie Garza. Bozwick's killing is the subject of an investigation by Banks and Schenk, and Banks identifies the Jigsaw Killer's complex trap as his method of operation.

These traps are typical of Saw movies. Every installment has a collection of traps that give the victims the choice. They can try and get free or accept their fate and give up. It was the perfect start to a Saw movie. And no one is denying that Chris Rock is a fantastic actor. But there was something odd about seeing him in a serious role. It was strange.

Given the death-defying nature of the genre, Lionsgate's decision to trap us back in Jigsaw's universe isn't surprising in and of itself. However, the twist here is that it's actor-comedian Chris Rock pulling the strings, an admitted Saw super fan taking on the role of the central star, producer, and uncredited script-polisher. Given his involvement, Samuel L Jackson's co-starring role, and an outlandishly fashionable marketing campaign, one may think that the pompously named Spiral: From the Book of Saw is a more serious attempt to bring the series into the new decade than first thought. After the pandemic-delayed reboot, however, the window decoration slips off to expose nothing but gristle, a terrible waste of time, effort, and fake blood.

The game traps are just as horrifying as fans might imagine. Still, the framework frequently saps them of any real tension, and the victims are so repulsive that it's difficult to generate any interest in just how vile everything becomes. The script, written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, is intriguingly somber in portraying corruption, carelessness, and brutality inside the police force. Still, it's handled with such haphazardness that any hazy attempt to make any point is well-spent.

The Infamous Harlequin Mask From Saw

Even though Spiral didn't meet its expectations, the rest of the franchise could be better. Hundreds of horror fans love the trademark Harlequin Doll mask featured in the first Saw movie. That mask can be found on Horror Dome's website. It might not be the mask used in the movie, but it's a well-made replica that can complete any costume or horror icon display.

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