The Resident Evil 4: Remake Is Exactly How Remakes Should Be Done

Gothic Villa Amid a Dark Scene

Survival-based zombie games are a trope that has been done a million times. It seems like there's a new zombie game or movie out every week. But Resident Evil is one of the franchises with it right. Even if their most recent release is a remake of the fourth game, they've released games like Village, another incredibly well-made game. And a remake of Resident Evil IV with today's graphics and technology was a brilliant idea that brought a new perspective to the series in ways it couldn't before.

What's Different With The Resident Evil IV Remake?

The video game Resident Evil 4 was remade in 2023. While borrowing various design elements from the remakes of Resident Evil 2 (2019) and Resident Evil 3 (2020), it has "over-the-shoulder" third-person shooter gameplay similar to that of the original. New character and backdrop designs are included in Resident Evil 4's4's revamped graphics, intended to heighten the tension in the environment. Six different control methods are available, one modeled like the original game. Sometimes, the player must solve riddles to access specific locations. In several scenes, Leon is tasked with defending Ashley, the president'spresident's daughter. She operates with a less complex health system than the original and can be told to stay nearby or farther away.

After being trained by Major Jack Krauser, Leon Kennedy joined the US government as an agent after Raccoon City was destroyed in 1998. Six years later, in 2004, Leon is dispatched by the president to remotely aid Ingrid Hunnigan in rescuing his daughter Ashley Graham from a town in rural Spain. Soon after arriving, Leon discovers his escorts being mercilessly slaughtered by the locals, who have joined the Los Illuminados cult and are under the thrall of the parasite Las Plagas. Ingrid verifies that Luis Serra, who Leon encounters while looking for Ashley, formerly worked for the Umbrella Corporation. The village chief, Chief Bitores Méndez, captures Leon and Luis and injects Leon with a Plagas parasite. Following their liberation from prison, the two part ways, with Luis running into Ada Wong.

Ashley, who has a Plagas infection as well, is saved by Leon. Méndez pursues them until Leon kills him. The two flee to a castle after their rescue chopper is delayed by bad weather, but Lord Ramón Salazar'sSalazar's (Marcio Moreno) guards capture Ashley. Before rejoining Luis, who offers suppressants for the Plagas and explains he wishes to atone for his sins while serving as an Umbrella researcher, Leon briefly re-encounters Ada after their last meeting in Raccoon City. The two go through mine tunnels to reach the surface, but Krauser, who has defected to Los Illuminados, stabs Luis to death. Krauser and Leon fight, with Krauser being forced to flee by Luis. Luis offers Leon the key to his private laboratory before he passes away. Leon fights Salazar when he returns to the castle and defeats him before chasing Krauser and Ashley to an island facility.

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