The History and Folklore of The Dearg Due

Witchy Vampire Woman In a Forest Monochrome

The Dearg Due is a menacing creature that has captured people's imaginations for generations and may be found deep inside the rich fabric of Irish legend. In this terrifying urban legend, a seductive and vindictive female vampire is described as having an unquenchable need for blood. Find out the terrifying reality about the most feared nocturnal predator in Ireland.

The Dearg Due: The Lore of The First Irish Vampire Myth

When the Dearg Due tale started, arranged marriages in Ireland were a regular practice. This terrible story took place in the Ireland region now known as Waterford. A lovely woman had fallen in love with a local peasant who worked on a neighboring farm in a village in Waterford. They started dating and discussed marriage and having children. The couple's life seemed to go according to plan until the woman's father discovered what was happening. He was an awful man and had little regard for his daughter's affection or desires.

Long ago, the woman's ruthless father decided to use his daughter's attractiveness. He was aware that the many guys' desire for her might be used to his advantage. The wicked father was aware of one man who would value his daughter's attractiveness and be eager to provide a substantial sum in exchange for her hand in marriage. The man was a local chieftain, well-known for his wealth and the brutal behavior of his clan. Unbeknownst to his daughter, the father went to see the chieftain one night and proposed. In exchange for the father's daughter's hand in marriage, the chieftain—who was aware of the woman—quickly consented, offering to give the father plenty of land and wealth.

The lady was enraged when she learned what her father had promised, but she was powerless since she knew she couldn't rebel against him. Aside from the newlywed bride and the neighborhood peasant who was her real love, everyone was joyful on the wedding day. On that day, he decided to take all necessary measures to get retribution.

Contrary to his reputation, the woman's spouse was far more aggressive. He kept his newlywed captive for days or weeks, using her as a prize. Her hope gradually faded, and shortly after she stopped eating and drinking, she passed suddenly. Her first love was the only one who expressed sorrow over her dying. Every time he went to her grave, his need for retribution grew.

So, the woman's ghost was so enraged and yearning for retribution that it forced her out of the grave. She went to her father's house first. While he was dozing off, she entered his room and murdered him there. She made a hasty dash to the wicked chieftain's house. He was in a bed with many ladies when she barged into his room without any sense of grief or regret. The Dearg-Due drank her nasty husband's blood and felt alive and energized. She developed an unquenchable thirst for blood as a result of this sensation.

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