Shocking Halloween Decorations for the Spookiest Haunted House

Gargoyle Haunted House Decoration

Creating the perfect fright is no small task. Whether you’re decking out your home for your annual costume party, putting together a haunted house at a local rec center or school, or running a commercial attraction that freaks out thousands of guests every year, you know it’s important to nail the details. After all, a room full of zombies, witches or werewolves just doesn’t look right without a well-designed backdrop. At The Horror Dome, you’ll find a variety of terrifying Halloween decorations, including options that will turn the average household into a creepy chateau, and Hollywood-quality set pieces that will take your professional haunted house to the next level.

Premium Halloween Decorations for Your Home

Host a get-together, welcome trick or treaters, or set a macabre scene for your kid’s school costume party. If you’re on a budget, you’ll find a few small Halloween decorations from this collection can be a game changer. Light fixtures, like the flickering attic lamp or hanging flame light, will definitely add an eerie atmosphere to your room. Let your creativity run wild with hot glue sticks designed to glow under a blacklight, or give your abode an old, abandoned look with artificial cobwebs and hanging fabric decorations and tapestries.

Those with a little more money to spend should splurge on highly detailed Jack O’Lantern candy bowls, witches’ cauldrons that look amazing with a chunk of dry ice tossed inside, tombstone props, or skull chandeliers. Both fog machines and strobe lights are relatively inexpensive, and are perfect for confusing the senses. With a few detailed accents, a little imagination, and a low-lying mist covering the floor, the scene will be set for an unforgettable Halloween party.

Ghastly Halloween Props and Set Pieces for Commercial Attractions

Skeleton Chandelier Haunted House Decoration

If you’re managing a professional attraction, you know there’s a constant need to update and rearrange your numerous spooky scenes. This helps keep the attraction fresh, and treats repeat visitors to new experiences every season. Large wall panels make it easy to completely redo a section of your haunted house. Choose from a range of designs including stacked bones and skulls, distressed Victorian walls, and alien panels that will make the room look like an extraterrestrial lair.

Of course, animatronics and animated props are always popular with visitors. At The Horror Dome, you’ll find a number of decaying zombies, murderous ghouls, as well as animated magic mirrors that display strikingly realistic routines.

From giant facades that cover the entire front of your attraction, to thunder and lightning kits that will make your guests feel like they’re caught in a tempest, you’ll have no problem adding a new layer of fright to your haunted house. Check out our blood-chilling collection of great new Halloween props and decorations, and get it in time with our fast shipping!

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