Secure, Contain, Panic: Discover SCP: Containment Breach

In contemporary media, there is a strong rebirth of The SCP Foundation, a beloved fictitious institution that collects and houses anomalous things and animals. The SCP world is enthralling a new generation of enthusiasts with its unsettling storytelling and fascinating investigation of the unknown through video games, podcasts, and web adaptations.

SCP: Containment Breach

The SCP Foundation is a covert organization tasked with finding, confining, and conducting studies on anomalous creatures and artifacts threatening world order. The containment site where the game's events take place is part of this organization. A Class D test subject, one of the Foundation's disposable human test subjects, is thrust into your shoes. A major containment breach occurs at the institution not long after you receive your first assignment, leaving you all alone in the dark with the released monsters roaming the building. Your objective is to survive. To determine what caused the breach, you may also explore the facility for papers and other hints. You can even try to help with the solution.

SCP-173, an animated concrete sculpture that kills all living creatures instantly, moves toward its victims at a pace of several feet in the span of a single eyeblink and snaps their necks with unstoppable power and fatal accuracy, is the game's major adversary. Fortunately, SCP-173 has one significant flaw: it freezes in place when someone looks at it. To add intrigue, SCP: Containment Breach contains a blinking system that compels the player to blink often (which frequently results in catastrophic effects near SCP-173).

The randomly generated landscape is one of the game's primary features; no playtime is the same, and you never know what will happen next. Many barriers will make leaving the facility less enjoyable. Decontamination gas that causes you to blink more quickly and secured doors must be unlocked with a key card with a high enough security clearance or a unique access code, timer switch controlled doors, and multiple escaped SCPs. A scientist was overheard discussing the SCP-106 breach with someone else on the way to the testing chamber. The scientist says that she has never heard of Agent Skinner and that Dr. L. was disturbed after the breach and experienced auditory hallucinations.

D-9341 is subsequently brought to the containment area of SCP-173, where the other two Class-Ds are waiting. The power and remote control door system starts to malfunction as the testing is about to start. Soon after, many SCPs from the Keter and Euclid families break containment after SCP-079 initiates a site-wide containment collapse. The location is then immediately placed under lockdown, and shortly after that, Nine-Tailed Fox agents are dispatched to the area to recapture any escaping SCPs and eliminate any rogue Class-Ds they come across. 

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