Our Favorite Horror Villians

With thousands of horror movies available on the market from every conceivable source today, it can be a little hard to pick the perfect villain out of a lineup. With incredible classics like Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees mixing it up with new stars like Samara and Kayako Saeki how are we even supposed to choose? It wasn’t easy but we took the time to select a few of our favorite villains from the horror genre to share with you. This set of bad guys (and girls) really stands apart from the crowd.

Michael Myers mask

Halloween’s Leading Man, Michael Myers

We have to start with a classic here as Michael Myers just become an icon of everything that’s great about horror films. Add in that the remakes of the original films have done nothing to dull his frightening intensity and you’re left with all the things that make a horror villain great. Utter silence, a murderous intent, and it all being done from behind a mask of emotionlessness. And, for a site like TheHorrorDome.com, we can only bow down at the undisputed king of Halloween Masks.

The Entity From It Follows

If you’re out in the world being sexually active, you’ve already got one specter of sex following you. That would be the fear of STD’s. The Entity from It Follows is what happens if a ghost and an STD come together and have a horrid horrid baby. To become The Entity’s victim, you have to have sex with someone who is currently being followed by it. This passes it on to them, and they can only get rid of it by doing the same. Once it has its sights on you it will hunt you down, or the person you passed it on to. This doesn’t get you out of it though, if the one you passed it to dies it’s coming back for you.

The Babadook

Mr. Babadook from The Babadook

No matter what you thought of this film you have to agree that the horrid creature that is Mr. Babadook is enough to give anyone nightmares. That creepy white face with the too perfect teeth, the dark encompassing black of its presence, and that terrible sound it makes makes it one of our favorite villains. We find him utterly bone-chilling and disturbing, and all the more-so for the depression and sorrow that he represents.

Samara From The Ring

Samara is an example of existential terror wrapped up with a fear of vengeance in the perfect little box. That’s right, a child. There is nothing so terrifying as children in horror, especially since they spend so much of their time in real life talking to things that aren’t there. If you didn’t side-eye your TV after watching the Ring, you’re made of stronger stuff than I.

These four represent our favorite beasties, pulled from the annals of old and new. While we’re always open to looking at new villains to inspire our favorite scary costumes and Halloween masks, none of them will ever quite take the place of these incredible leaders of horror.

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