Featured Product: Zombie Werewolf Halloween Mask

Zombie Werewolf Halloween Mask

For years The Horror Dome has been creating the highest quality affordable Halloween Masks in the industry, and for 2019 we are going to keep on moving forward!

Today Only - Save 10% on our Featured Halloween Mask

An original Horror Dome creation, the Zombie Werewolf Halloween Mask is a hand-detailed work of art that is both movie-worthy and collection-quality. Freak out the local trick or treaters on Halloween, terrify passengers on a haunted hayride, or bring an exciting new character into your haunted attraction. And today only this fantastic Halloween Mask is on sale for 10% off with coupon code FEATURED - simply enter the code at checkout!

Check out our blood-chilling collection of great new Halloween Masks, Halloween Props and Halloween Costumes, and get it in time with our fast shipping!

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