5 Creative Family Halloween Costumes

Movie Concessions - Hot Dog, Popcorn, Soda
Make Halloween a memorable family affair this year with these creative costume ideas for the whole gang! Whether you’re throwing a spooky bash, doling out candy to hordes of trick-or-treaters, or want to earn originality marks at your neighborhood Halloween party, these family costumes will guarantee October 31 is frighteningly awesome and fun!
And if you really want to put the Addams family to shame, visit the HorrorDome.com to see some of the freakiest, most realistic costumes on the market! Just like families like to show off their creativity at Halloween, so do our amazingly talented -- and slightly demented -- designers. Our signature Halloween costumes are movie-quality and perfect for creating a terrifying scene on your front doorstep or professional Haunted House.
Family Halloween costumes will be all the rage in 2018! Get ready to turn heads with these knock-out get-ups.

#1: Movie Treats

A relatively simple but super fun costume idea for the entire clan. Each family member is dressed up as their favorite movie theater treat or candy. If you’re handy with the sewing machine, this can be a DIY project! Think popcorn, fizzy soda, gummy bears, M&Ms and other popular concessions.
British Royal Guard

#2: A Royal Evening

Given our current obsession with all things Harry and Megan and the royal family in general, this costume idea will be super trendy. Dress mom up as the Queen Mum of England, with Dad and the kids decked out as her royal guards replete with towering bearskin hats.

#3: Attack of the Zombies

For something a bit scarier, you can’t go wrong with a creepy walking corpse theme! Zombies never die and are more popular than ever. Zombie outfits are easy to whip up with some ragged clothes and make-up. There are some fantastic zombie accessories to take it over the top, including skull-shaped baby pacifiers. Watch as your littlest zombies embrace their roles as the walking dead, dragging their feet and growling with hunger.
Goldilocks and Three Bears

#4: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

This quartet of outfits is ideal for a family of four and super easy to customize as needed. Goldilocks, Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear are sure to have some trick-or-treating fun. Go as wild as you like with embellishments or keep it simple with matching shirts for all the bears. This coordinated costume is great for incorporating an infant or toddler as Baby Bear.

#5: Garbage Truck Family Costume

Moms will do just about anything to see their kids smile, and sometimes that means dressing up like a gigantic garbage can. Taking inspiration from your everyday life is another way to conjure up Halloween costume ideas. If your child is fascinated with the garbage truck that visits every week, take some cardboard boxes, paint, hot glue, felt and a healthy dose of imagination and get to work! Of course, the kids are decked out as cute garbage trucks while the parents are dumpsters.

Terrifying Halloween costumes

Putting together costume ensembles for All Hallows' Eve is a great way to bond with the family and ensure everyone has a great time. Here at The Horror Dome, we know that Halloween fun isn’t limited to kids. After all, this is the one night of the year when you can let your inner demons run loose! Whether you’re planning on trick or treating with the clan or want to claim 1st prize for the most gruesome Halloween costume, our inventory does not disappoint.

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