Zombie Halloween Masks


The idea of what a zombie can be has come a long way from the early days of Romero. No longer are the shuffling dead represented by simple rotting corpses, the ways in which the dead can walk is as endless as your imagination. Now you’ll find zombies with their brain hanging out, zombies that gibber and whisper through half skeletal faces, and zombie clowns cackling their way on a quest for your flesh.

Each of our zombie mask designs starts from a classic premise of the rotting dead and quickly grew from there. You’ll find zombie vampires, zombie werewolves, and moss and filth covered creatures that crawled from a fetid swamp. All of these Halloween masks have been gruesomely hand-crafted from the highest quality premium latex, giving them a texture that gives them an aspect of unlife rarely seen in creeptastic design.

Within this collection of Halloween masks, you’re sure to find some rotting fiend that grasps your imagination and inspires you to put together a horrific design of your very own!

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1 product