Vampire Masks


From the dense forests of Transylvania to an imposing, dark mansion near you, Vampires sleep away the day snugly tucked inside their coffins, then emerge at night to hunt for fresh blood. While many swear these mystic beings are just folklore, recent disappearances have made you start to wonder about the foreboding fortress on the hill outside of town. Do you have the guts to snoop around this possibly evil estate?

Craft a ghastly costume with Vampire masks from The Horror Dome. Hand painted and detailed for maximum realism, these deranged designs are perfect for creating a bloodsucking torture chamber in your haunted house attraction, freaking our passengers on the scary hayride, or trick or treating around the neighborhood with your family.

Turn heads (but please don't bite necks) at the masquerade ball, or lend Hollywood-quality looks to your indie monster flick. Made from premium latex, you'll find yourself going back to these fabulously eerie looks, year after year. Sports some ferocious fangs, rock some pale white skin, and be on the lookout for crosses and garlic, with these exceptional vampire masks from The Horror Dome.

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1 product