Vampire Halloween Masks


Vampires are a classic part of horror history and are represented in every culture across the globe. From the monstrous appearance of Nosferatu to the inhuman beauty of the classic Lestat, there is a vampire for every taste. This collection of Halloween masks has drawn on myth, legend, and imagination to create a series that is unique while honoring the roots of the feeding dead. If you’re looking for a fresh take on this classic monster for your Halloween costume, look no further.

Within this collection, you’ll find the "Vampire Bat" mask with his gaping maw of feasting fangs and long sensitive ears that makes escape impossible. You’ll find the terrifying answer to what happens when a vampire bites a werewolf, just before falling prey to its fetid breath and howling jaws. If you hear a piercing howl through the night air just before ragged fangs tear into your neck, know that you’ve fallen prey to "The Banshee".

Each of these unique designs has been brought to unlife with a premium quality latex that creates a perfectly lifeless appearance for our classic line of vampire masks.

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1 product