Torture Halloween Animatronics


The best villains of horror love to make their victim’s pain last, and there’s nothing better for that than an old fashioned torture chamber. Within this collection of Torture Animatronics, you’ll find classics like the electric chair, gallows, and shackles, but that’s just the beginning. Each of these animated torture props was born from the cruel imagination of our team of sadists. The results are nothing less than bone-chilling. Every piece is built with an eye to craftsmanship while also using high-quality latex to produce frighteningly realistic results.

This showcase includes Halloween Animatronics like the “Giant Maker,” where a hapless victim has his head, and spine ripped out by a cruel device. The skinned table slammer evokes the exquisite misery of the poor fool who found himself flayed at the hands of his tormentor. Add a bit of sadistic comedy to your set with Stumpy the Corpse, who rises from the chopping block to headlessly greet passers-by.

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