Ape Frenzy Shocktronic Halloween Animatronics

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The subject of unethical scientific testing, this luckless primate was snatched out of his jungle paradise and disemboweled by deranged researchers. First lobotomized, then gutted, he's totally devoid of conscious thought; his brain can only feel pain and react with anger. You watch this disgusting sight writhe in agony, and hope for the sweet relief of death to end his suffering. Just when you think he's done for, he bursts out and murders one of the lab coat-clad doctors for his final revenge. The Ape Frenzy Shocktronic Halloween animatronic is a hybrid design created by the delightfully twisted minds at The Horror Dome. As motors make the monkey's lower body twist and thrash around, an actor wearing the top half of the costume plays along. Your guests are made to believe that it's a single animatronic prop. Once they get a false sense of security, the device opens up and the actor comes rushing forward. This setup gets a quality scare, every time.