Decapitated Barbie Head Halloween Decoration

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Cursed and damned, for evil verses she read, poor young Barbie would soon lose her head. Let her disembodied skull be a warning to all those who seek to discover the dark world of the occult. Your morbid curiosity may well be the death of you. Get in too deep, and your worst nightmares will come true. Barbie was naive and innocent once, now her mind is silenced and her face fixed in a permanent, trance-like expression. This eerily realistic Decapitated Head Barbie Halloween decoration is brilliantly hand crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome. Her sad aquamarine gaze turned upward as she watches the executioner's sword striking a fatal blow, blood streaks down from her eye sockets, nose and mouth. She's an ideal head for a hall or horrors, and will cause the neighborhood kids to think twice before approaching your home in search of delicious candy.

Decapitated Barbie Head Features:

  • Movie Quality
  • Blood oozes out of everywhere
  • One of the most realistic heads we offer

Decapitated Barbie is a realistic severed head halloween decoration offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.