Sci-Fi and Alien Masks


There are an untold, probably infinite, number of worlds in the universe. There's bound to be some life out there; and some of it is certain to be downright evil. In this collection of Alien and Sci-Fi masks from The Horror Dome, you'll find unfriendly ETs from all over the galaxy. Create a look that's out of this word, and turn heads at that bumping costume party. Set up a bone-chilling alien lab at your haunted house, and horrify guests with scenes of gruesome, unethical experiments on hapless human victims.

Whether you're faking an alien crash site on a secluded ranch outside of town, or convincing your gullible neighbors that an invasion has begun, you'll find these premium, over the head latex masks offer Hollywood-quality looks. Hand detailed by the twisted, yet talented craftspeople and artist at The Horror Dome, these otherworldly fiends are so lifelike, they may even trigger repressed abduction memories.

From retro-style Martians, to the classic grey alien, devil spawns, parasite infected hosts, and much more, there's something in this line for every sci-fi and horror fan.

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