Sci-Fi / Alien Halloween Costumes


The depths of space hold some horrors that are truly unspeakable, so we took the step of bringing them to stunning life with this series of costumes featuring extra-terrestrials. These Halloween costumes run the gamut from Horror Dome originals to classics of sci-fi horror brought to stunning life. Each of these Sci-Fi / Alien costumes is hand-crafted from a premium latex that’s renowned for its ability to create a realistic appearance that brings the frights home.

Fans of Star Wars will be able to bring Darth Vader to life with our Supreme Edition that features all the extras. The Alien Zenomorph costume brings H.R. Giger’s creation to life in stunning latex so real you’ll need to keep an eye out for angry women in P-5000 Powered Work Loaders. Our “Alien Suit” costume is an original that combines skull-like features with inhumanly long fingers and dripping fangs to create a panoply of horror.

Whatever your alien ambitions, you’re sure to find a costume here that will uplift your horror-themed event.

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