"Gorilla" Professional Halloween Prop - 7 Foot Tall

"Gorilla" Professional Halloween Prop - 7 Foot Tall

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From the depths of a dark jungle, thousands of miles away, comes this highly-skilled hunter, searching for prey. One of humankind's closest relatives, this aggressive ape longs for his tropical home, and is willing to take out his anger on the first person he can sink his claws into. He's a wonder to behold, but you really hope his cage is well-made. If he ever gets out, there will be unspeakable bloodshed. This 7 ft tall Gorilla Halloween decoration is incredibly realistic, down to the most minor detail. Hand haired, painted, and crafted by the brilliant artists at The Horror Dome, this lumbering beast looks like he just busted out of the local zoo. If you're looking for a great fright, you better go with a great ape. He's perfect any scary jungle or animal scene, or a mad scientist's lab where unethical experiments are being conducted on angry subjects.