"Frankenstein's Monster" Professional Halloween Prop

"Frankenstein's Monster" Professional Halloween Prop

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By harnessing the power of lightning, a deranged scientist brought this unholy monstrosity to life. Assembled from the stitched-together body parts of multiple cadavers, The Monster is shocked into existence as a triumph of modern technology, and a show of disregard to the natural order of things. Will he be amiable and gentle, or angry and violent? When you encounter this lumbering beast, you'll quickly find out the answer. In case it's the latter, make sure you're wearing your running shoes. The Monster Statue Halloween decoration is a cinema-quality design that will take your haunted holiday display to the next level. Crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, no minor detail was overlooked. From bloody, glazed eyes made from glass for a realistic look, to greenish pale skin, knotty, wiry hair, and the classic torn up black suit, your guests will swear this bumbling brute just stepped out from the silver screen.