"Buzz Saw Man" Professional Haunted House Illusion

"Buzz Saw Man" Professional Haunted House Illusion

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You'll be but half the man you used to be when the Buzz Saw comes down on your midsection. Everybody is guilty of something, and when the torturous executioner gets you in his grasp, you'll pay the price. Some are hanged, some are shocked, and others are divided in two by this powerful piece of industrial machinery. Designed to chop logs, it'll make short work of your gooey guts and brittle spine. The Buzz Saw Man Halloween animatronic is an unforgettable sight that will leave your guests with nightmares for years to come. An actor lays down in this brilliantly engineered device. Their mid-section dips below the table, and is hidden from the crowd. They wail and beg for mercy as a saw made from soft foam comes spinning down. The effect is shockingly realistic, and almost difficult to watch. This Horror Dome original will be a popular attraction in your haunted house for years to come.