"House of the Dead" Haunted House Facade

"House of the Dead" Haunted House Facade

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Strike fear into the heart of an unlucky passerby, lure guests into a truly scream-inducing show, or create a realistic looking set for your movie, commercial or production with the House of the Dead haunted house facade from The Horror Dome. Turn any structure into an eerie mansion with these adaptable panels. Pre-painted and ready for hanging right out of the box, you'll create a nightmarish setting in no time. Customers do in fact judge a haunted house by it's facade. Make sure your business look the part from the street. Positioned correctly with proper lighting, you'll conjure up a bone-chilling experience before your guests even get in the door. Use these precision crafted, Hollywood-quality panels indoors and shoot a film that looks big-budget, or for a backdrop for a spooky play or stage show. Designed to connect in a variety of unique ways, you'll have no problem transforming your building with these well-made panels.

House of the Dead Features:

  • 4x8 durable ABS plastic Lightweight, Durable Panels
  • Includes 4 gable panels, 7 window panels, 6 gate panels, and 7 tower panels

The House of the Dead is a haunted house facade offered by the experts at the Horror Dome. Please call for shipping rates.