"Deadly Dan Painting" Haunted House Decoration

"Deadly Dan Painting" Haunted House Decoration

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Who is that old monster hanging up on the wall? Well kids, it's Deadly Dan. Dan lived in this mansion for over 200 hundred years. Turns out he made a deal with the Devil to live forever. Of course, he didn't count on spending his second century slowly rotting away. Finally, he found a loophole in his satanic agreement and was able to die in peace. This portrait is the last known picture of dear old Dan.

The Deadly Dan painting is a hand painted work of art from The Horror Dome. Highly detailed by talented artists, each one is slightly unique in it's own way. These freakish fellows measure 24"" x 36"" and come with a durable custom frame. They're ready to hang on the wall, right out of the box.

Start a hall of haunted paintings, or a museum of morbid art. Deadly Dan is a wonderful painting to greet visitors to your professional haunted house attraction, or set the scene for your Halloween costume party. He'll freak out the local trick or treaters, and make a great addition to any collection of macabre merchandise.

Paintings measure 24in x 36in.