"Bronze Castle Guardian" Gargoyle Decoration

"Bronze Castle Guardian" Gargoyle Decoration

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You've heard stories of unimaginable treasure hidden in the dungeon of this enchanted castle, but finding it will be a test of nerves. As you cross the drawbridge over a poisonous moat teeming with bloodthirsty leeches, you notice the Castle Guardian gargoyles staring you square in the eye. Tempting as untold riches might sound, it's not worth your life. You turn around and head home.

The Bronze Castle Guardian decoration from The Horror Dome is a classic gargoyle prop that will give your home, haunted house, or place of business a truly imposing look. Hand painted for maximum realism, and filled with foam for a surprisingly light weight, it's dimensions are 12" wide X 16" deep x 20" tall. This winged beast was originally designed to protect buildings against evil spirits, and features an open mouth filled with razor sharp teeth, the muscular body of an apex predator, and piercing eyes that can see through the darkness of night like it's high noon.

Visitors, guests and the passerby will wonder if this ferocious fellow is a friend or foe. Write an interesting backstory for this sinister-looking sentry, or let your patrons fill it in with their own imaginations.

Foam filled. Hand-painted item. 12" wide X 16" deep x 20" tall.</>