"Dead Man Rising" Graveyard Halloween Animatronic

"Dead Man Rising" Graveyard Halloween Animatronic

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In the haunted catacombs, nothing is quite as it seems. Interned in a stone sarcophagus for hundreds of years, this grotesque skeleton has been reanimated by a demonic spell. Grave robbers, archeologists, and curious explorers beware, there's something evil lurking in this underground tomb. With a blood-curdling shriek, a decaying ghoul lifts out of his granite enclosure and you're hit in the face by a burst of foul air. What poisonous particles did you just inhale? Will you soon be stricken with a terminal disease? The Dead Man Rising Halloween animatronic features a ghastly skeleton who emerges from behind a hideous tombstone as your patrons are blasted with a gust of "scare air." They'll yelp in terror when this disquieting breeze strikes. Whether you're setting a creepy burial ground scene or building a macabre mausoleum, you'll find this Horror Dome original makes a great centerpiece. Crafted by talented artists, you'll appreciate the level of detail on this premium product.