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Browse this selection of puppets, dolls and ventriloquist dummies from The Horror Dome and bring home a shockingly disgusting, creepy and frightening, or frank and funny, sidekick. Hand painted, haired and detailed by talented craftspeople, these petrifying props are incredibly authentic-looking. Choose from a large selection that includes the classic ventriloquist dummy, a number of eerie porcelain dolls that will take the freak-factor to the next level, and possessed puppets that will have your guests shrieking in delight.

Greet trick or treaters on your front porch with the baby werewolf you've just rescued from the woods, and watch all but the bravest of them run for the hills. Set up a hall of evil dolls in you haunted house attraction and set the mood for a macabre scene featuring murderous toys. If all this doom and gloom has got you down, lighten the mood with a witty ventriloquist routine. In this selection, you'll find the perfect props to keep both adults and children entertained. Whether you want to scare them stiff or crack them up is your call.

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