"Evolve Bug in Lab Coat" HD Studios Pro Halloween Costume

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Scientists at the genetics lab got a little too cocky, and their unethical experiment got a little out of hand. The end result of this unfortunate miscalculation? One of their colleagues received insect DNA. Now Evolve the bug-man is on the loose and looking for revenge. If he's ever going to turn himself back into a human, he may need a few gallons of blood and numerous tissue samples. Watch your back, and make sure he doesn't take them from you.

The Movie-Quality Evolve Bug costume from The Horror Dome is a one of a kind original design. Hand painted by talented and twisted artists, this unique mutant is perfect for any demented laboratory or sinister hospital scene. Highly detailed, Evolve makes a wonderfully frightening character for professional haunted houses, a fantastic Halloween costume for scaring the wits out of the local trick or treaters, and a great outfit for that raging party.

Both horror and sci-fi fans will love this abominable arthropod. With a full chest plate, fierce claws, and a lab coat, you'll have a seamless look when you wear this premium costume. Add big-budget looks to your indie monster flick with this realistic creation.

Costume comes with, Movie quality mask with attached chest that covers the whole front torso, Movie quality creature claws that actually move and distressed white Scientist lab coat. All hand painted for that movie quality feel. Only from TheHorrorDome.com.