"Big Bad Wolf" HD Studios Pro Werewolf Halloween Costume

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As a full moon sneaks through the clouds, the Werewolf comes alive. Afflicted individuals are powerless to stop their body from transforming into a carnivorous canine. Stalking your through the woods, this half man/half monster waits for you to let your guard down, then strikes! Your hear your bones snap and feel warm blood leaking out from a gaping wound. As you lose consciousness, you look up to meet his soulless eyes. They'll be the last things you ever see. Make this year one to remember with a Movie Quality Werewolf Halloween costume. Crafted by inspired artists and expert designers at The Horror Dome, these studio quality sets will have local trick or treaters shaking in their boots. Terrorize a hayride, stalk guests on the grounds of your haunted house, or be the talk of the town at the next costume party. Hopefully, the only silver bullets you'll encounter will be a 6-pack of beer.

Studio Quality Werewolf Features:

  • Movie Quality
  • Hand-Laid Hair
  • Hand-Painted for authenticity
  • Comes with mask, hands, feet, and a shirt

The Werewolf is a studio quality halloween costume offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.