FLYING WITCH Halloween Animatronic

"The Flying Witch" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Beginning her journey through the moonless night, the wicked witch cackles and then takes to flight. Coasting in the air on her spell-struck broom, she shortly arrives outside your bedroom. You suddenly awake, totally paralyzed by fear, and smell her putrid breath, and spy her sinister sneer. Unable to move, there's nothing you can do, as you become the main ingredient in her gruesome stew. Legend has it, witches steal children from their beds and boil them alive. Now you're first-hand proof the legend is true. The Flying Witch Halloween animatronic is an breath-taking sight that will startle even your most hardened guests. With a loud shriek, this dark magician lunges forward and launches upward. A Hollywood-quality design, she'll completely steal the show. Created by the talented and twisted artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome, you'll appreciate the level of detailing on this lifelike sorcerer. Beware, my pretty, the witch is on the hunt!