PETER O'GHOUL Halloween Animatronic

"Peter O'Ghoul" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Once a handsome young man, full of promise and potential, time has not been kind to this gregarious fellow. Now his sits on the porch and stutters and drools, while welcoming guests to the mansion of ghouls. Peter O'Ghoul wastes away his days rocking back and forth an telling macabre tales about his cursed abode. Does he spout off pure hyperbole, or is his longtime home really a portal to the underworld? You realize there's only one way to find out as you step inside the dark domicile. The Peter O'Ghoul Halloween animatronic is perfect for welcoming guests into your haunted house or attraction. Whether you want him to be a menacing fellow who warns visitors of the terror inside, or an amiable character who provides a bit of comic relief is totally up to you. Controlled by a remote, an actor can puppet the prop from up to 100 feet away.