Animated Torture Package Deal

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Here is what you get:

Zappy- Zappy screams and shakes violently. Soundtrack CD included Chair and CD player are not included. All electric! Clothing may vary. Box = 36 x 24 x 18 Weight = 23 pounds.

Wake Up Dead- An all-electric animatronic, this unit is easy to set up, and doesn't require a noisy air compressor. Just plug her in, and the body shakes and howls in agony. Create a backstory that includes a rash of vampire, werewolf, or zombie attacks in the area, or simply set a horrifying scene and let your guests fill in the blanks with their own imaginations. This life size prop features a white death shroud, soaked through with blood from what is probably a lethal head wound. Feet stick out one side, and hair protrudes from the other.

Psycho Sam- Sam rocks slowly back and forth, maniacally talking to you and to the voices in his head. Intimidating! Rights to downloadable soundtrack is included. You provide a chair and MP3 player. All electric! Clothing may vary. 

Dead Man Rockin'- Life-size dead man hangs from mouth and quivers. Foam filled body has internal chain and rigging point to hang him from. CD soundtrack included. Meat hook and CD player not included. Clothing may vary. Plugs into any 110v outlet. 6 feet tall, 24 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.