Halloween 2021: New Products


Are you after the latest new designs that are taking the haunt industry by storm? Then look no further. Browse the New for Halloween 2020 selection at The Horror Dome and check out an assortment of costumes, masks, props and decorations that are fresh off the drawing board of some fiercely deranged artist. Add a new animatronic to your haunted house attraction and create an unforgettable thrill that will have your visitors shrieking in both terror and delight. From smaller items like candle holders and lamps that set the scene, to monstrous beasts that will send shivers down the spine of even your most hardened vampire-slayer, there's much to choose from in this line.

Horror Dome exclusive masks are great for crafting that nightmare-inducing Halloween costume. These over the head, latex designs will provide a professional-quality seamless look when worn with a jacket or shirt. Choose a full-body costume for a freaky look right out of the box, or bring home a ghastly severed head, and scare the wits out of the local trick or treaters as they approach your porch. Browse an impressive selection of brand new haunt gear today.

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