Gorilla in a Cage Halloween Animatronic

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You'd be pretty ticked off if your were locked in a tiny cage too. Longing for his home in the jungle, this gargantuan Gorilla is absolutely raging. Kidnapped from the wild to be imprisoned in this minuscule cell and carted around countryside as part of a traveling circus, he dreams of freedom and revenge. With excellent strength, near-human intelligence, and a natural hunter's instinct, he could easily tear his captors limb from limb and escape into the night. You better hope his cage holds. The Gorilla in a Cage Halloween animatronic can be a stunning centerpiece to a variety of scenes, from an old-timey carnival that mistreats animals, to an underground genetic testing lab where made scientists run experiments on this ferocious beast. Hand laid hair and an intricately detailed face give this Horror Dome original a unsettlingly realistic look. Built to last, you'll get plenty of fright out of this animated prop.