Movie-Style Latex Prosthetics


Are you looking to take your haunt game to the next level? Whether you're running a professional haunted house attraction or spooky hayride, shooting an indie monster flick, or just looking for a Halloween costume that will stop the local trick or treaters dead in their tracks, Movie Prosthetics from The Horror Dome are up to the task. These pro-quality designs are made to attach with spirit gum or other adhesives. They're made from flexible latex and will move as you change your expression. The result is an unsettlingly lifelike look that will induce nightmares in all who cross your path.

From masks designed to make you look old and wrinkled, to creations that feature boney, skeletal features, demon horns, and more, there's something for everyone in this line. Choose from pre-designed prosthetics, and blank masks that allow you to paint them as you like. Let your creative juices and deepest fears run wild with prosthetic masks from this selection.

Create gaping wounds and bloody scars with liquid latex from this line. Also browse pro-quality adhesives and premium adhesive remover that makes cleanup easier than ever.

1 product

1 product