Realistic Rotting Skull Prop

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They say the basement of this abandoned mansion holds some terrifying secrets. As you stumble around in the near darkness, you discover a secret passageway that seems to run deep into the mountainside. Down this frightening hall, you find a dungeon packed with rusty torture devices, metal chains and shackles, and a ghastly pile of human remains, including a Rotting Skull. Should you retrieve it as a testament to the depravity that took place here, or return to the surface and take these macabre memories to your grave?

The realistic Rotting Skull Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is one of the most lifelike props yet. This creepy design is made from hard foam and features a few missing teeth and fractures along the dome. Whatever happened to this poor bloke must have been extremely violent. Create a shocking backstory to explain how this hapless hombre met his fate, or let your visitors fill in the gaps with their own imagination. This Hollywood-quality decoration is perfect for setting the scene in a professional haunted house, or decking out your abode before a festive Halloween party.