"Clown" Hanging Halloween Decorations - Package Deal

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Here is what you get:

60'' Hanging Clown Decoration- This life size, 60" hanging prop features a classic psycho clown head, complete with jets of bright hair, pale white face, and colorful makeup. Blue plastic hands attach to posable arms, making it easy to customize this beast’s pose. A long black and white clown robe is draped over his wicked shoulders. Upgrade your haunted house attraction with a murderous clown room, or decorate your home and terrify trick or treaters on Halloween. Add a strobe, fan, and fog effect for maximum impact.

12' Tall Hanging Evil Clown- With a large, deranged clown face that features classic makeup, red nose, and bright orange hair, he's truly a ghastly sight to behold. Boney skeleton hands stretch out to his sides, while a long tattered red gauze robe makes him look large and menacing.

60'' Hanging Hanging Creepy Clown- Creepy, demented looking clown head with adjustable arms, old ragged clown collar, drape sleeves and flowing robe with rotted look net overlay.

60'' Hanging Evil Clown- Vinyl, evil smiling clown head bust, green hair attached, light-up LED eyes (requires 3 LR44 cell size batteries not included.) with dangling cloth costume, collar attached. Super detailed, long spindly fingered hands with long fingernails attached to adjustable arms. 60 inches tall.

6 Foot Hanging Clown- Gruesome hanging clown prop. This will make you hate clowns once and for all. 6 foot tall.