T Rex Head Wall Mount Prop

T Rex Head Wall Mount Prop

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This product is a made to order piece that takes 6-8 weeks to produce. *During peak season (August-October) please allow for delays.

Our Incredible T Rex Head Wall Mount Prop will amaze you with its realistic reptilian detail! Its piercing eyes have a metallic sheen, and its dagger-like teeth show menacingly. This tyrannosaurus head prop is crafted out of latex and foam and can be easily mounted on your wall with the included metal bracket. Wonderful for dinosaur lovers of all ages, it would make the perfect wall hanging in an entertainment room, office, kids play area, museum, bar, or themed space.

The Trex Head Wall Mount Prop comes available in four colors to choose from. Jungle Green, Desert Red, Mountain Grey, and Swamp w/ bloody teeth.

*NOTE: The Swamp version is the only version that includes bloody teeth. Blood is NOT available in the other color variations.

• Size - 29in x 17in x 20in

• Weight - 14 pounds

• Material - Latex skin and foam-filled (It is not solid foam but has a hollow cavity in the back so that it is light weight and can be mounted.)