"Realistic Werewolf" Halloween Prop

"Realistic Werewolf" Halloween Prop

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This product is a made to order piece that takes 6-8 weeks to produce. *During peak season (August-October) please allow for delays.

When a full moon rises over this sleepy village, the townspeople know to lock their doors and take cover. Built upon an ancient burial ground, this area suffers from an extremely high concentration of werewolves. On nights like these, anyone caught outdoors could become a victim of their uncontrollable rage. Pity the unknowing traveler stopping in town to fill up their gas tank. They won't know what hit them.

The strikingly realistic Werewolf prop from The Horror Dome looks like it was stolen off a Hollywood lot. Hand detailed, painted and haired by talented, yet twisted artists, this Werewolf is made from latex and foam, with a metal armature, and stands about 6' tall. He has large hands with menacing black claws, tufts of fur extending from his chest, and a classic werewolf mug, complete with a snarling expression.

Add a bone-chilling new fright to your haunted house attraction, or bring home a great conversation starter for your basement barroom or movie room. This professionally crafted statue will make a splendid addition to any collection of macabre merchandise, and can be great for attracting attention to your place of business around the Halloween season.

Latex and foam construction with metal armature. Stands at about 6 ft. tall