"Possessed Girls" Halloween Props - Package Deal

"Possessed Girls" Halloween Props - Package Deal

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Dead Debbie Static Prop- Possessed by Satan himself, tiny Debbie now has supernatural strength and an appetite for human flesh. Gone is any trace of the sweet little girl who once resided in that seemingly fragile body. Can she be rescued by an experienced exorcist? Can she be destroyed by conventional weapons? You contemplate what course of action to take as she gnaws on the arm of her latest kill.

Scary Carrie Ankle Biter- Don't turn your back on this ankle bitter! Designed to hang on walls or the ceiling or to lay on floor or bed. Light, highly durable and weather resistant. Approx 24"x 5'5"x 3".

Evil Annie the Zombie Child- Lunch anyone? Get ready to run if this wicked little zombie asks you to lunch. Stands over 4 feet tall.

Bad Betty- Bad Betty wouldn't behave, so her parents sent her to her room. She was so upset, she was willing to do anything to get back at them, so she made a deal with the Devil. Now Betty is completely possessed by demons. Almost no trace of the happy youngster remains. She howls, cackles and spits at anyone who tries to ease her suffering. Gripping her naked babydoll with all of her might, she's in desperate need of an exorcism.