Monster Halloween Costumes


All great monster-flicks turn the dark imagery of the mind and make the concept a reality; that’s why we at The Horror Dome focus on giving you a huge selection of monster Halloween costumes that will suit any level of horror. Whether you want to impress your friends with a monster costume, need a production-level Halloween costume for movies, or wish to add these designs to your horror collection, our teams have what you need.

From demons to werewolves, monsters have permeated our world as a foreign, ever-changing concept. We take these ideas and turn them into opportunities for you to explore your monster-side. Furry, scaly, decaying, and just plain frightening; all of our monsters have their personalities that we craft into each of our Halloween costumes. Our monster costumes feature custom-fitted masks, latex-molded appendages, and intricate air spray designs with the most colorful pigments to make these monsters come to life.

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