Trash Can Lifter Haunted House Animatronic

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Our Trash can lifter is similar to our medium duty lifter, but designed to fit into standard sized trash cans.

The base is designed to fit in between the formed base of the trash can, while maximizing floor space for stability and mounting options. The lifter bars fit within in the circumference of the trash can throughout all movement while the base removes all strain from the walls of the trash can.

The tight confinements of a trash can were used during design of this mechanism, and the lifter will provide the most usable space of any mechanism on the market (or any design out there for that matter).

We recommends mounting the lifter through the can into the ground or heavy base plate. If that is not an option, adding weights to the mechanisms base will also keep the mechanism in place.

This kit includes 12V valve, flow controls for adjusting the lift and decent speeds, and all required airlines for connection to your compressor line. No controller is included. Requires 110V power and a compressor with 100-120 PSI.

Size 22" x 10" x 12"