Mini Air Cannon Halloween / Haunted House Prop

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Similar to other manufacturers cannons, but at a fraction of the price, our mini air cannon delivers a large blast of air that is guaranteed to startle without blowing out your viewers eardrums.

To use this mechanism, simply mount the included brackets to a stable wall, apply power to the valve, attach an air source (ie your air compressor), allow the tank to fill (60-80PSI recommended), push the trigger button and BANG!!!!!!!!
Out fires half a gallon of compressed air in less then a half second.

Automation should only be used when small children ARE NOT going to be present.

No mandatory re-fill is required between firing with this version.

Constructed using only professional parts, the cannon includes a 1/2 gallon air tank with clip on mounting brackets, High flow dump valve, hand held trigger and 12v electrical connections. Requires 110V power and a compressor with 100-120 PSI.